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Site Purpose

Sardonic expression of connectedness for a 100% remote worker who kept being asked by Friends and Family “Are you doing ok?” frequently the first few years of working from home.

Site Resources

Public resources will include a WordPress-based discussion forum, that I _hope_ to use for analysis of political and social topics.

Private resources for close family and friends will be access controlled (as the term ‘private’ indicates)

Site Access

As of April, 2021, discussion forums are open-access, meaning that you *do not* need to create an authenticated account to post a comment… You only need to provide an email address with your post.

However, you do need a registered account to start a new discussion topic.

Site Requirement

Don’t be a Jerk at this site!
No, seriously…Don’t be! Other sites exist for that purpose. If you want to be a jerk…just go somewhere else! Please use polite language (Nothing more vulgar than “Jerk”). Feel free to agree or disagree in discussion forums, but please overtly state facts (with sources) and assumptions upon which your position depends.

Need help?

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